Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Is this sparta?
Is this farneyness?
Is this Barney?

ZOMG no, its...


I had to take that opening from Anthea, because it ish lameness and everyone should read it. =D

So, it has almost been a week since our sleepover at Anthea's holy abode - yes, Anthea's house, not my house, again. D: So I'm sure everyone would like to hear about it, right? So, let's start off with Friday, 2pm...

Fiametta-inker(sans Jasmine and Cynthia) heaved their bags and tools to Anthea's house. Nurul and I got there first, so PSP playing ensued.

And then Melissa came over! And we all still continue to jakun over Zack's hawtness.

Finally, the boss slammed down her flabby firm hands and started the meeting to discuss about our owhsm products! Most of the stuff I've listed earlier would be worked on, and you can see them at Comic Fiesta!

Me presenting my cross stitch designs

I got distracted by Melissa's laptop (it's Ace Attorney on screen)

Nurul ish nawt happy D:

After we were finished, everyone got to work for abit, except Anthea who decided to try out my procrastination moves. D: No one does it better than me please, so she should stop trying. xD We went downstairs to mess with the piano, eat some of Anthea's mum's divine cookies and do more work - me and Melissa were working, at least. Surprisingly, I was the most hardworking one out of the bunch. 8D Seriously! I made the most mushrooms! And until today, they are still multiplying like amoebas!

We went for Uno Stacko afterwards, and that's me still cross stitching, Mel playing with little Oreo and Nurul on her PSP(pfft)

YES. Little Oreo. Lemme tell you something about Little Oreo. Anthea and her mum rescued the kitty from a drain near their house and took her(well, we couldn't really tell, but there wasn't anything there, so it must be a girl, right?) She's really tiny and fragile, so the Huis will be taking care of her till she gets big enough to fend for herself.

Really cute, eh? :D (Anthea: "Super annoying lah!")

A short video of Oreo

Nothing much happened, except for lots of cookie-munching, Oreo-poking, mushroom-breeding and gossip-giggling. We talked about loads of crap, even until we got to bed, we were still talking.

Suzanne: (to Melissa) Watch Code Geass you scmupit, RAWR! (throws legs over her body)

Anthea: Melissa sleeps like a spacewoman!

Melissa: (to Nurul) Be my Sebby!

Nurul: Aiyo, I want to sleep laah. (joins us moments after)

So, we slept for a few hours until morning came. 8D Melissa went off for her tuition and the three of us went downstairs to eat breakfast and talk about politics(zomg!). Saturday, Fiametta-inkers raided Subang Parade! We were shopping for our cosplay needs, and generally, just running around the shopping mall like some jakuns. We managed to find some shoes that suited our cosplay, but haven't bought any. We tainted our hands with lots of eye shadow(it's so fun!) and then we went into a shop, and we saw them... They were sitting on display, so sparkleh, so pretty, we bought them! Then when we got back to Anthea's house, more jakunness ensued.



And Anthea went snapping away again.

More fake eyelashes madness

Ema Skye: Want a dose of experimental Hydro-forget about it. :X

Melissa looking Kingdom Hearts-ish

Rawk on!

Melissa: (glares at Anthea) What else you want? D:

Shu Hui the Cross Stitcher

Melissa and Shu Hui hard at work

Anthea and Nurul, hardly working

And that was pretty much it. Our first Fiametta-ink sleepover! All-in-all, we made quite alot of progress. Here's what I'll be selling with Fiametta-ink at Comic Fiesta 2009

Mushroom Mushroom!

They come in all sorts of colours! I have 7 at the moment, and making more, in a wide variety of colours. Each cross stitch is handmade with love, and is unique as it's the only one in the whole wide universe(all handmade stuff are like that yes :X). So grab them at Comic Fiesta, the only place you'll find them!

Fiametta-ink shall see you soon!

Thursday, 22 October 2009


Fiametta-inkers are suffering from the phenomenon known as "school exams". We will be spicing up this page after our exams on October 30, where we will have our first F-i meeting in 2009!
And the first F-i meeting at Shu Hui's holy abode!
And the first F-i meeting with a sleepover!

Look forward to it. :D Good luck all in your exams!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Where's Fiametta-ink?

To all our followers(if we have them reading this blog) who are wondering where F-i have went, don't be disillusioned by news of our death! For we are still alive and kicking! Except that we haven't been updating the blog much, harhar.

Just a shout out to all those who visited our booth at our debut last year in Comic Fiesta 2008, thanks a bunch for all your support! Anthea sold out her Kingdom Hearts, D.Gray-man and Hatsune Miku badges. My Cyndaquil, Togepi and Dragonair cross stitches have also found a new home. And dozens of people got themselves some cute, tasty keychains by Cynthia.

To fans(*hopeful look*) and curious people alike, Fiametta-ink is still making art with our fiery passions! To top it off, we have gotten an addition to our family.

I present to you, Jasmine Chee! First, I apologize for the not so decent picture, it's the only one I have of her not in a wig. 8D Along with Jasmine, we have Nurul's sister, Ili and her cousin who will be assisting us to take care of our booth at Comic Fiesta.

So, wanna know what really is up with Fiametta-ink? Our boss, Anthea has just delegated jobs and we're planning out our products! Here is a sneak peak at our latest list of products!

  • Jasmine's handmade Rose Rings
  • Anthea's handmade + custom made Phone socks
  • Anthea's Pin Badges (various series)
  • Nurul's Stickers (various series)
  • Suzanne's handmade cross stitches
  • Melissa's Bookmarks (various series)
  • Melissa's Postcards (various series)
WHOA! That's a whole load, compared to last year! Excited, yes? :D All handmade items will be of limited stock. More information on our products - pricing, series, samples - will be out later. Just as a heads up, we'll be having pre orders for certain products! Phone socks, Anthea's badges, Nurul's stickers, Melissa's bookmarks and Melissa's postcards will be up for pre orders at a later date.

ALSO! We have certain promotions going on too. In efforts to reduce waste and save our Mother Earth, Fiametta-ink will encourage customers to recycle their plastic bags to keep their products. We'll be giving out free handmade paperbags for those who spend more than RM15 at our booth!

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more info! Please go visit our deviantart page too!(Nurul's journal entry totally pwned my post D:) Do crash in our chatbox, just don't spam! For questions, you can make a comment here, or mail us at CAN YOU HANDLE FIRE?

Monday, 26 May 2008

Just the Two of Us + Cross Stitch Affair

It's SugarGaL (Suzanne) here! Yes, Fiametta-ink still lives! And today, we held yet another meeting in the holy abode of antheahui.

Attendance? Two out of four. Hey, at least it's 50%.

The time was set at 10am. I woke up and brushed my pearly whites at 9am. Solving some Sudoku, I waited for my mum to be done with her coffee as she said she was only gonna leave after she was done. Wokay... That took an extra 15 minutes. So I was late to Anthea's house, but hey, doesn't really matter no? It's just the two of us. =P

When I got there, Anthea was busy with her Koperasi poster, which was a task given by our boss from school. I threw out my camera(my father's actually) and started snapping away.

Work in Progress for the poster on Anthea's computer

I also unpacked my cross stitching stuff and started planning my products. Right now, I'm focusing on my Bleach bookmarks and Roxas cross stitch. There was quite alot of problems in pricing my work because handicraft takes alot of effort, yet it can't be too expensive because of the market we're selling it to. Plus, the cross stitching fabric I use keeps changing, so yet again, another problem. So think, think, think, and think more.

After lots of thinking, which was what I did for the whole day while Anthea played with her tablet, I finally decided on a standard size for my Bleach bookmarks.

The Fiametta-ink book takes the screen again!

Sample bookmark for you to visualize the product!

Comes with your favourite Bleach character!

It's 8cm x 18 cm, and is 40 x 95 counts, which means it can contain that many stitches. I'd like comments if you guys think it's a fine size. =) This will cost RM15. Hey, it's unique okay! You can't mass produce cross stitches. You are paying for quality. =)

We then cycled to a shop to make our Fiametta-ink stamp. From there, we went to the nearest dim sum shop and bought our branch.

Anthea made us watermelon juice too!

I got the yam thing.

And Anthea got Char Siu Pao!

After eating, Anthea got back to her tablet and I just lazed around. She's working on some Kingdom Hearts stuff too. They are riding clouds! Oooh, talking about that...

Anthea was looking for Riku reference pictures, and somehow we found this. Great laugh. XD

Anthea got hungry, so she ate the almighty cup mee!

The Fiametta-ink logo to be made into the stamp!

We moved to Anthea's room after that to continue other work. Anthea worked on her sculpey for her keychains while I continue to ponder on the prices on my cross stitch as I couldn't work with anything at the moment. Needed some comments from the beta group about the sizes and prices. As for my Roxas cross stitch, I decided to skip stitching the evil background and buy black fabric instead.

When armed with a camera, use it for all pointless means possible.

"Bombshell weh!"

Ah... Kids these days. I remember the days when our Barbie dolls had the same skin tone, same lip colour and that bushy, blonde hair that is impossible to comb even with that small brush it comes with. Look at the Barbie's now! The hair is highlighted, styled, layered, different lip colour, designer's clothes, cool heels that you can remove. Whoa...

Then the air-cond repairman came in a disrupted our productive environment. We fled back downstairs and continue work. Before that, snacks came in. Jelly, Cheezels, more watermelon juice! Mmm...

The five Ss in wine tasting: See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, Savour

After that, we opted to play some games instead. We played Life, the board game and Pocket Fighter on the Playstation!

The Game of LIFE!

"You can only make the scene if you've got the greens(money)."

Hey... Why doesn't the rules teach you the rules to reading the rules?

YAOI ALERT: Even gay marriage is allowed in LIFE! Look at the happy couple... They ended up having a son, a daughter, and a pair of twins.

Boohoo. It sucks being loser. .___.

After that, it was home for me. By Anthea's holy abode! So, after the whole day of thinking, I've finally came up with a standard size and price list!

Bleach Bookmarks: 8cm x 18cm, 40 x 95 counts, RM15
Keychains: 5cm x 9cm (I/C card size), 36 x 22 counts, RM7 (if four stit
ches per count, RM10)
Small Keychains: Size not determined yet. (but it's Togepi size, refer to SugarGaL's deviantART gallery) RM5 (if four stitches per count, RM7)

For those who don't know, four stitches per count means for a box o
n the fabric, I fit in four stitches. This means that a 36 x 22 count fabric can contain 72 x 44 stitches instead, meaning more detail. However, this takes more effort, thread, and time so the price is increased.

Neku for Reina-Sugar. Categorized as keychain, 5cm x 9cm, 36 x 22 counts, four stitches per count, RM10

Keychain cross stitch size in comparison with a wallet. Say hi to the Ichigo head!

Keychain cross stitch size in comparison with a MyKAD.

I'll come up with better pictures and sample in the future. So far this is all I have to show. Once I get better samples, I'll post up a full price list and commission stuff for my cross stitch work. Yeah. =)

So till here! Jeez, I spent almost 4 hours on this blog post! This is SugarGaL, signing off!

Monday, 10 March 2008

for the first time

10/3/2008. a historic day. nononono, not because of the elections. (partly i guess. XD) because, on this historifically historic historical day, *suspense suspense* Fiametta-ink members -- antheahui, SugarGal and mel, gathered and met in antheahui's house! (oh gosh, how historifically historific!) and oh, xtorrentialrainx couldn't make it, she had to go shopping, or something.

oh gosh i'm sorry for the lousifically lousy intro. i don't really post much you know. my blog's dead. =D

so, everything started at 12.30pm. (SugarGal and mel were 1/2 hour early, surprisingly.) went up to my room. you see, i actually cleaned my room, and yes, i'm proud of myself! i even changed the bed sheet. XD (yes i deserve a medal or sumthing.)

please don't mind my blabbering.

as any perasan person would do, the first thing we did was take a group photo!

gosh. i always look so daffy in photos.
from left: mel, SugarGal, antheahui, moo moo.
nono, seriously, his name is moo moo.

and then mel went, "noo! my hair~" so...


caught in the act -- mellie.

hahaa lawls. aiyah, din take picture of SugarGal's super-dupah-chunted camera. mellie brough her camera too.

we weren't really in the serious mood yet, so we took summore photos. =D


the one with the bracelet is mellie's hand, brownish tone is SugarGal's, and then there's antheahui's hand, going solo.


wooot! Kanda Yuu-kun!
antheahui's in-the-process piccie.

then we decided that we should start discussing about our stuffies! mellie had a lot to catch up, cause she's new and she's in a different school. so we started talking about our doujins, programs... i think she was a bit lost at the end of it all. XD


you should know who is who by now!
from left : SugarGal, mellie, antheahui

and then we went down for macaroni cheese! cheeeeeeeeeese. whoops. no photos here. i guess everyone was too engrossed with eating.

after eating. as usual, SugarGal started cross-stitching, again. geez, she even does it in class, where else doesn't she cross-stitch? o.o


stitch stitch...


london bridge is falling down, falling down!


haha... moo moo just couldn't resist.

of course, we have an official Fiametta-ink book! =D lookatthepretty-ness!


there it is! like i said, i can look soo daffy in photos.


mellie does it better. and no, we don't use our Fiametta-ink book to sleep. =D


lawls finally a better shot! need i say whose hand is whose? XD
i do? okay. the pair on the right is mellie's, the darker pair is SugarGal's.

then, at 2.00pm+, mellie's phone rang. and guess what. it turns out she has tuition! sheesh. at 3pm-4pm. tuition on holidays! this is outrageous! this is unheard of! THIS IS SPARTAAA! but hey, at least we got this nice shot!


person on the phone: "theres tuition later!"
mellie: "what time?"
person on the phone: "at 3pm lidat."
mellie: "oh."

*mellie looks at watch. coincidentally SugarGal looks at her watch too*

i was looking at my watch too but i was snapping the photo. =D

so we were kinda waiting for time to pass... chit-chatting about the doujin, school stuff, boys *whoops* hey, im sure you do too okay. XD


thats mellie, snapped while trying to snap a photo of SugarGal.


another mellie. look, i was bored okay? XD


hah lookie! mellie was bored too! =D

then, at 2.40pm, mellie went for her tuition. THIS IS SPARTAA!! so me and SugarGal went downstairs to use the computer! kids nowadays. *shakes head* we checked out road kamelot's necklace, kanda yuu's hawtness, etc. XD no photos there again. we forgot to bring the camera down. =X

surprisingly, at 3.oopm+, mellie came back. omg, what happened? turns out theres no tuition at all. see, i told you it was sparta. lawls. but we were happy anyways.

then my mom boiled soya bean! i lubbie dubbie soya bean! especially when its home made. hehee. envy meeee. my mom's a really good cook. =D so we drinkie. drink drink.

then we continued comput-ing. then halfway through, mellie said she was hungry. and mellie doesn't have a clue about cooking. she managed to fry four eggs last week i think, but with SugarGal's help. O.O so i taught her how to deep fry nuggets! hahahaaaa. and we also sang "My Alien Gun". a song written and composed by me. XD the lyrics is hysterical. the tune is so UFO-ish. part of the lyrics:
my alien gun is very the geng.
*insert alien gun sounds*
my alien gun is very the geng.
*insert alien gun sounds*

i talk like alien,
i walk like alien,
i eat like alien
and i smell like alien.

see? told you im eccentric. heheee. mellie just went like, "o.O" me and SugarGal sing it all the time in class. XD

makan makan... eat eat... after the nuggets, we went back upstairs. and mellie got bored. so she started taking photos of my room which is, i dunno, feels weird. imagine someone taking photos of your room in front of you. hmmm.


teeheeee. my new pallet. its a lot more convenient. i used to have like 3 pallets.


its all SugarGal's stuff. its not mine. i just cleaned my roooomm...

okay, okay i know its loveless okay?
the thing is, i had no idea when i bought it and ritsuka looks like a girl anyway.

kidchan's print!

my desk, and my winnie teh pooh whiteboard!
oh, and theres a trolley too, im so lazy. XD

me and SugarGal got straight to work! =D after like, 3 hours+ of playing, that is. and mellie was snapping pictures.


me on the left, SugarGal on the right.
i like my bed sheet. =D

then we got bored. AGAIN. this time we relieved ourselves with some old school comedy. 8D


the brush is supposed to be like pointing at SugarGal,
but it looks more like i'm forcing her to take it.

antheahui: "take it!"
SugarGal: "nevah! kata TAK NAK kepada rokok!"

yes yes SugarGal show us what you learnt during Sivik and Moral class.

no, we do not rokok. rokok is bad for health. =D


in my opininon, this looks a bit like the stuff that happened in our Sejarah (History) textbook.

antheahui: "saya penjajah asing! cepat! bayar cukai!"
i am a British soldier! faster! pay tax!
SugarGal: "tidak! saya mest mempertahankan kedaulatan tanah airku!"
never! i must defend my country's honour!


guess what happened.


another scene from the Sejarah (History) textbooks.

SugarGal ganas giler...

thats mellie's hand. oh, and thats cyndaquil!

as you can see, mellie got REALLY bored.

moo moo got bored too.
moo moo ate tissue.

mellie writing down stuff.

at 6.oopm+, mellie and SugarGal went home. booohooo. until next time!



did you guys have fun reading this blogpost? say yes! it took me friggin long to upload the photos you know. =D i think this is my longest blogpost. yet.

oh and erm, actually, if you have a blog and would like us to link you, you can always via our tagboard. =D of course, you would have to link us too!

till next time. todaloo~

eccentrically yours,